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10 Things to ask when choosing a facility for your Fur best friend

  • How do you regulate/monitor the temperature within your facility?
  • What do you feed the dogs?
  • What qualifications do your staff need to have to work here?
  • Can I come for a tour of the facility (what time)
  • Does my dog need to be vaccinated and to what level?
  • How much time will my dog have to play and exercises during the day?
  • What sizes are your groups for play?
  • Do you let big dogs and small dogs play together?
  • Will my dog have supervision at all times whilst playing with others?
  • What happens if my dog is involved in an incident?
  • Do you conduct health checks and if a health issue is found what happens?
  • Do you offer training for dogs whilst in your care and do you-you have training classes available?


Now let Newcastle Pet Resort answer those important questions.