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Dogs are part of our family

We are pet owners ourselves. When we thought about who would look after our dogs while we were away and what kind of environment they would be in, we wanted love, attention and for their carers to go that extra mile to ensure our fur babies had an enjoyable experience.

At Newcastle Pet Resort, your fur baby will be treated like our fur baby. They will come home with a big smile and lots to tell you about their new friends. After all, what’s better than going to a resort to enjoy yourself and make new friends. That’s how our name came about.

Why enrol in daycare?

A general play day at NPR includes 3to 4 play sessions during their day – in outside fenced yards.

In between play sessions is nap time! All dogs have an enclosure assigned to them, which is their “home base” for nap time or breaks. Some dogs may have a friend to help them settle if needed.

Many dogs love having a chance to socialise, from active players to wallflowers! While doggy daycare is a welcoming alternative to staying in the house, kennel, or yard all day!

  • Large play yards

  • Enrichment programs

  • Facility Entrance Assessment for all four legged clients to ensure safety and fun Trained staff


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