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Doggy Daycare

We take pride in giving your pooch the best experience from their stay. A day at Doggy Daycare offers an exciting all round programme including:

Animal wellbeing
We provide a place that is beneficial not only for your dog’s body but their mind. It’s important to socialise with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment that is neutral territory for everyone.

Physical exercise

Left home for extended periods of time, dogs often don’t get the physical exercise they need on a daily basis. We provide a plenty of outdoor plays so after your busy day, you can relax with your best friend.

We're expert dog handlers

Dogs are creatures of habit; they like familiar, friendly faces—dog or human. That’s why your dog will be supervised at all times by the same qualified Dog Handlers who are dedicated to giving your best friend a terrific experience

A typical day at Doggy Daycare

7:00am Doggy Daycare School Bus Pick-ups

Let our day begin - The school bus starts the journey to pick up your fur baby from your home. Or if you are dropping off at our facility, the doors are open!

9:00am Welcome to NPR

The school bus arrives with many very excited pooches ready to play and learn with their friends. Students jump off the bus and run to their allocated play yard to toilet and have a quick play with their bus friends

9:30am School Room/Class Allocation

Every student is assigned an enclosure with a friend or two and placed in playgroups.

10:00am Group Play Sessions & Rest Times

Rotation of playgroups begin through specific programs for the exercise of the mind, body & soul.

2:30pm Doggy Daycare School Bus Drop-offs

After a day of playing and learning, our students say goodbye to their friends and take their seat on the school bus for the trip home to tell their family all about their day. The air conditioning is flowing, the tunes are playing and the fur kids are smiling all the way home. The After School Care pooches relax in their own waiting quarters, waiting for Mum or Dad (or Grandparents) to pick them up from their fun day at school. Some of our Doggy Daycare kids will be waiting in the air-conditioned office as a special treat for their great work throughout the day.

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